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Using Fear to Your Creative Advantage

It is not easy to face our fears. But it is an inevitable task that we all have to face in our daily lives. I visioned fear as murky clouds. We experience fear when we can't see things clearly. We can be surrounded by fear, and get our visions blurred. It can take the shape of water and make us drown as we can find ourselves unable to breathe in extreme fear sometimes.


If You Aren’t Failing, Then You Aren’t Trying

Failure is necessary for growth, and we shouldn't be afraid of it. Trying is like shooting arrows on the target. At your first attempt, only few of them can make it on the board. It'll look bad, but you shouldn't be discouraged bu the results. It's a proof that you are trying and you will be better at it in the long run. One day, you'll find yourself hitting the bulls eye. You just have to keep trying.


How to Set Goals for Getting Your Film Done

There's nothing refreshing and motivating to set new goals on New Years day. We all get stoked about what we are going to achieve this year. But what is the best way to set good goals for filmmakers? Would you like to add a goal of making more videos for your YouTube channel? Stop watching YouTube and start making goals for it! The article might provide good answers for you!


Illustration on "Future Technology" & "Tips"

These illustrations were drawn for Facebook advertisement covers for Standford Graduate School of Business Facebook page. As the given topics talked about the future, and how to give tips on certain topics, it seemed right to draw in clean geometric vector lines to communicate "Knowledge" and "Logic".


Daily Cat Doodles

This project started as a daily color practice challenge. The drawings had no theme, or topic. Thinking too much about what to draw was a hinder. Picking one color and making a mark was the way to go. As I love cats, flowers and nature, those became my central theme in doodling. 1 doodle became 2, and 2 doodles easily became hundreds. Ever since then, I've formed a habit of drawing every day, and used hundreds of different color palettes. To enhance my habit further, I made an Instagram page and started uploading doodles daily. Many people commented that my doodles made them happy and that became my drive to draw more. Now I find myself being confident in making good color palettes, and this daily doodles will keep continuing.