Attracting Filmmakers to Participate in the Challenge


Musicbed challenged filmmakers to create the best film possible in 30 days. Each of the five categories has hand-picked Musicbed songs to be used as the basis of the film. Once submitted, industry-leading talent judged the work, and announced the winners!

The art direction of this project came from Ryan Smith. The main landing page design was created by John Oddo.

My Role

I came in as an assistant to help solve design problems in various sections. Under this role, I converted desktop designs into tablet and mobile designs and created a UI kit to help the developers conform to this design.


This was a project that focused on making the whole campaign look and feel consistent, which included advertisements, emails, and web pages. As the art direction and branding was already provided by Ryan Smith, it was our job to apply those design elements in the landing page. We used the line art, and yellow boxes that's used in advertisements in our website to have a coherent feel and look.


This was a team effort with the marketing department in order to motivate filmmakers to participate in our challenge. The overall campaign was a huge success as we met our goals in acquiring filmmakers' emails, and submissions.

What I Learned

This was a chance for me to take on someone's art direction and interpret design elements into a web page. As a team, we had to come up with a functional idea that also followed the language of the given art direction. The art direction was drastically different from Musicbed branding, but I learned how to come up with a happy medium for both brands. Musicbed's neutral colors were brought in to show some consistency in colors. As display typeface from the art direction had only one weight, we had to bring in Musicbed's brand typeface to fill the gap. Overall, these design elements complemented each other.