Who is "Musicbed?"



Musicbed was missing one critical part from the website, which was the culture & career page. Musicbed had no job website where to post new openings and their company culture. This website was a platform to highlight Musicbed's culture.


My Role

For 2 to 3 months, I designed and implemented Musicbed's culture & career page by using the "Webflow" platform. This was the first multi-paged website that didn't go through the development team for coding. In building and animating the whole project, I brought the culture & career page to life.

The Problems

Musicbed doesn't use illustrations for their branding (except for blog illustrations), as they use photography. There weren't many good office photos that I was able to use. I had to find a way to solve this asset problem with the limited resources available. The website was waiting to be filled with a lot of dry text, that was void of humor. I had to find a way to make the language in the career website reflect humorous culture that I had experienced and been a part of at Musicbed.


This was a great chance to explore Webflow's full capacity and it was not an easy task. Webflow seems like an easy tool to use but it requires a lot of studying. The depth of the tools were so deep, I had to dive into various tutorial videos. I spent hours and hours trying to make one function work smoothly, only to find out it wouldn't translate well in our responsive design.. It was a constant trial and error approach. Searching Google became a daily routine on how to find answers to my problem. I learned how to approach and tackle a multitude of problems, choosing the best solution based on my design needs.


The final solution was to add hand-drawn elements in a subtle way. I decided to draw iconic items that's been sitting in the office. This included items such as the statue of David, people's favorite Chemax coffee pour-over glass, and a buffalo head named "Phil". It's more like a sketch and not a full illustration to give a little personality. I added some hand-drawn stars and lines to show human touch. There are hidden phrases that pops up when people hover over certain elements. Hidden jokes, including funny Texas-specific phrases, popped up under the "Location" section. I believe the little touch of handwriting reflected the joyful culture Musicbed possessed.