Who is "Musicbed?"



Musicbed was missing one critical part from the website, which was the culture & career page. Musicbed had no job website where to post new openings, and to show the culture. This website was a platform to tell the audience about the culture of Musicbed.


My Role

For 2 to 3 months, I came up with the design, and implemented it by using the platform "Webflow". This was the first multi-paged website that didn't go through the development team for coding. I managed to build and animate the whole project.

The Problems

Musicbed doesn't use illustrations for the branding (except for blog illustrations), as they use photography. There weren't many good office photos that I was able to use. I had to find a way to solve this problem with the limited resources I had. The website was waiting to be filled with a lot of dry text, that was lack of humor. I had to find a way to make the language in the career website to reflect the rich humorous culture that Musicbed had.


This was a great chance to explore Webflow's full capacity and it was not an easy task. Webflow seems like an easy tool to use but it requires a lot of studying. The depth of the tools were so deep, I had to dive into various tutorial videos. I spent hours and hours on trying to make one function work smoothly, and find out it won't be able to translate well in responsive design. It was a constant trials and errors. Searching Google became a daily routine on how to find answers to my problem. I learned that there's always a way to go around one problem.


The solution was to add hand drawn elements in a subtle way. I decided to draw iconic items that's been sitting in the office. Such as the statue of David, people's favorite Chemax coffee pour-over glass, and a buffalo head named "Phil". It's more like a sketch not a full illustration to give a little personality. I add some hand drawn star and lines to show human touch. There are hidden phrases that pops up when people hover over certain elements. Hidden jokes included funny phrases that were specific to Texas, under the "Location" section. I believe the little touch of hand writing reflected the joyful culture Musicbed possessed.